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Morocco Farm Tour

Citrus and Dairy - Markets of Marrakech - The Sahara - Cereals



Be inspired on Trump Tours’ enchanting tour through Morocco, where the East meets the West in this thriving country located on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, just south of Spain. Untouched by destruction, the walled cities give an authentic taste of their tantalizing foods, amazing culture and laid-back lifestyle. Moroccans are well-educated and known as peaceful, accepting people and most of them speak French, Arabic, Berber and English fluently.
Agriculture: Morocco, with its temperate Mediterranean climate, grows a diverse crop ranging from cereal and vegetables to citrus and nuts. Citrus, almonds, argan oil and olives are major exports serving the nearby European markets as well as the Northeastern seaboard of the United States. They are the world’s 3rd largest producers of olives and tangerines. Agriculture employs 40% of the nation’s workforce.

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