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England Farm Tour

Durham Cathedral - Roman Ruins in Bath - Stonehenge - London




The climate and topography of the UK lends itself to 2 distinct types of farming. Pastoral farming (use of grass pasture for livestock rearing) – found in areas of higher rainfall and among the hills, predominantly to the north and west of the UK. Arable farming (land that can be ploughed to grow crops) is concentrated in the south and east of the UK where the climate is drier and soils are deeper. England has about 300,000 active farms – Scotland's average farm size is 250 acres, England is 125 acres. Agriculture provides around 60 percent of Britain's food needs even though it employs just 1.4 percent of the country's labor force. Products include; cereals, oilseed, potatoes, sugar beet, vegetables, cattle, sheep, poultry, fish and fruits. Discover Britain’s sophisticated and mature farming systems and their charming farms and back roads.


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Scotland Farm Tour

Learn about Scotland's agriculture, which is the UK's largest manufacturing agri-food sector. Roughly 79% of the total land area is in agricultural production. Scotland is famous for its historic castles, traditional highland games and beautiful lochs. *Only available when booked with Ireland or England Tour*.


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Ireland Farm Tour

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